Unit 3.New Technologies

1. Answer the questions and make a word map:

1) What new technologies can you name?

2) What new technologies do you use?

3) What new technologies would you like to have?

2. Here are some of the modern inventions that are used in everyday life.

a) Match items in column A with phrases in column B and make sentences.

Ex:People use a sewing machine to sew and to do embroidery.

b) Work in pairs. Ask and answer the question: Why do people use……..?

What gadgets & machines do people use? Why do people use them?
a camera to wake up people Unit 3.New Technologies and to tell the time
a microwave oven to watch pre-recorded videos
a mobile telephone to have fun and to entertain
an electronic game to use different programs, print, documents, listen to the music, watch films, use Internet
a video recorder/ player to operate the TV set from a distance
a TV set to orient in the unknown place and to use maps
a vacuum cleaner to cook, defrost, reheat pre-prepared food
a talking alarm clock to entertain, to watch films and news
a computer to work with different programs, to use the Internet everywhere you like Unit 3.New Technologies
a TV remote-control unit to take photos
a laptop to clean, to vacuum dust
a GPS navigator to make calls, to send text and media messages, to use the Internet

3. Read and translate the text.

Документ Unit 3.New Technologies